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Flood Insurance


Where can it flood in Florida?

Any property that receives rain, it can flood.  The mistake many people make when it comes to flood insurance is that their home is or is not in a flood zone.  The truth is all properties in Florida are either in a low-risk or a high-risk flood zone.  

It is estimated that 25-30% of flood damage is caused in lower risk areas of the flood zone.  Research shows that the average flood claim in 2014 was a staggering $44,000 and that Florida was the top state to receive such claims.  The report further states that Severe Thunderstorms were the leading natural cause of disasters.  Flooding can be caused by not only a severe thunderstorms and hurricanes, but is also caused by heavy rains causing flash flood.  At Manchester Insurance we are passionate about offering the best flood insurance products, that are backed by financially sound and top rated insurance companies.

The majority of homes in low risk areas are qualified for rates that are very favorable.  Manchester Insurance has the ability to offer you a tremendous value that offers protection for your assets, against flood, that you have worked hard to obtain.  It is important to know that homeowners insurance does not include flood insurance.