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Second and Seasonal Homes


Second and Seasonal Home Insurance

You have excelled in your career and have now decided to transfer some of those assets into an asset that you can build meaningful memories with loved ones and family.  The accomplishment of owning a second or seasonal home is admirable.  Whether a summer getaway or weekend tropical bungalow, a second home provides a refreshing change of pace from your main residence.  But one thing that does not vary is the need for insurance.  Manchester Insurance offers policy coverage from top rated insurance companies protecting second or seasonal homes while the home is not in use.  The folks at Manchester Insurance understand the nuances and intricate details of protecting these assets.   

The National Association of Realtors reported that second and seasonal home sales are up 57% from 2013.  With a recent article released, Florida is one of the most sought after destinations by affluent and baby boomer generation.  This means the need for protecting a second or seasonal home is not only necessary, but having the right coverage is paramount. 

Protecting your second home while not in use, is imperative in preserving the asset and the contents inside.  We understand this market and will explain the unique risks that come with your second home and help you choose the right coverage.

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